5 Best reverse phone lookup apps for Android

“Call from an obscure number” shows up on the screen of your cell phone.

A significant number of these calls originate from organizations that are occupied with telemarketing, that is, they are attempting to offer administrations or items to you about which you know nothing.

Be that as it may, it happens that a genuine individual is calling, whose number you neglected to add to your contact list. In this way, you click the “Appropriate response” catch and hear the recorded content of the telemarketing organization.

This is regular, however it has an answer. We discovered five the best applications that take care of this issue.


Whoscall logoWhoscall logoThe Taiwanese organization Gogolook, which built up this application, guarantees that up to 20 million calls go through its channels, and half of them are perceived as spam.

The program has all the natural highlights and can square the two calls and messages.

The interface satisfies. The primary thing that grabs your attention is the inquiry bar in the top sidebar. Here, notwithstanding a phone demand, you can scan for recently spared or dialed numbers. What’s more, what a helpful arrangement it is, particularly if your rundown is excessively long.

The Main Functions:

  • Moment Caller ID;
  • Square undesirable calls and SMS-messages;
  • A database with more than 1 billion telephone numbers;
  • Search in a worldwide database of 1 billion telephone numbers;
  • The capacity to report numbers to help make a dependable interchanges organize for everybody;
  • Disconnected database.

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Truecaller logoTruecaller logoThe Swedish organization True Software Scandinavia AB, which made this application, guarantees that the quantity of its endorsers is 85 million around the world.

This portable application is a worldwide phone catalog with data about famous contacts. With it, the cell phone distinguishes practically all the telephone numbers from which you get calls.

Numerous calls originate from telemarketers. It additionally scans the Internet for all data identified with a particular number — for instance, audits, photographs, and evaluations.

How it functions

After the application has been introduced on the gadget, contacts from the telephone directory are consequently added to the Truecaller server. There, the numbers are contrasted and those as of now entered, and if there are matches, their rating increments.

These are for the most part contacts of banks, government hotlines, online stores, and online assets. Presently you approach a tremendous database of phone clients around the globe.

The Main Functions:

  • The capacity to alter and embellish your contact – this is the manner by which it will be shown in the general database;
  • Full access to world number stockpiling;
  • Programmed recognizable proof of the supporter during an approaching call (on the off chance that it is in the database);
  • Search by telephone number of intrigue;
  • The decision of which contacts to add to the database (from your gadget), and which not;
  • Deciding the notoriety and rating of your number.

The application has a lovely and instinctive UI. Dissecting client surveys, we can presume that this product is helpful, safe and doesn’t over-burden either the processor or the RAM. Along these lines prescribed for establishment.

Real Caller

Genuine Caller logoReal Caller logoReal Caller is an application that figures out who possesses the number from which the call is being made. It can likewise channel calls from spammers and alarm you about spam.

Genuine Caller has an enormous database of clients. It look in a moment or two and gives total bio-information of that obscure guest.


Showcaller logoShowcaller is one of the most well known projects for recognizing and blocking calls for Android.

The application is precise and simple to utilize. It will help you in a split second distinguish approaching calls that are not in your contact list.

Showcaller distinguishes the most obscure calls and shows point by point data about the approaching call, which offers you the chance to see the names and photographs of individuals calling you.

Showcaller utilizes a ground-breaking database with billions of numbers. And furthermore squares calls from known spammers and other undesirable endorsers.

Showcaller is a totally free program with Caller ID support. Along these lines, we prescribe that you secure your telephone association at the present time and appreciate the comfort of work.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number logoMr. Number logoApplication Mr. Number is basically a boycott with upgraded usefulness.

With it, the client can hinder a different number, unknown calls, calls with given system code, and whenever wanted, every one of the numbers in your telephone directory.

In the settings of the application there is a chance to set how the calls will be blocked: diverted to voice message or simply reset. Application Mr. Number contains a database that incorporates a rundown of numbers from which spam is sent.

Among different highlights of the application Mr. Number – programmed guest search by all numbers throughout the entire existence of your telephone (so you realize who to square). Look into the numbers in a savvy dialer and see names and photographs in call history.

After you’ve discovered who’s calling, you can add a number to your contact list. Or on the other hand square it if it’s simply spam.